Management Team

team-1Yariv Gilat

Co-Founder and Chairman

Yariv has vast experience of over 15 years in a wide range of positions related to the capital market, with an emphasis on development of tools and advanced trading methods, within companies operating in the field of trading in capital markets. Among his various positions he served as CEO of Financial Algorithms (FINAL) Israel, and as acting Chairman of Delavenne and an additional number of companies in the capital market, including a public company. Accompanies, advises and invests in technology companies and takes part in making strategic decisions within these companies. Has extensive knowledge in management of nostro companies for trading in the capital market.


team-2Itamar Eden

Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer

Itamar holds a second degree, MBA, and a first degree in Mathematics and Economics from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Itamar has experience of over 15 years in the capital market, served as a senior trader at Opmat, which manages the nostro of the Excellence Nessuah Group, Itamar was a bonds and derivatives trader at Aracamba, and a bonds trader of the Bank Otzar Hahayal provident funds.